Places to visit

Ribarica is surrounded with natural beauty that can provide you with unforgettable images. You can spare a few hours to visit:

National Park Plitvice Lakes

At 100 km from the Ribarica is the best and most popular among the eight national parks in Croatia- Plitvice Lakes, was among the first in the world that is included in the List of World Heritage (UNESCO) 1979. ... »more

National Park Northern Velebit

At 20 minutes drive from Ribarica is an area that was declared a national park because of the variety of karst phenomena, wealth of wildlife and outstanding natural beauty on a relatively small area.The park is criss-crossed with numerous hiking trails ... »more

National Park Paklenica

It covers an area of ​​torrential flows of Velika and Mala Paklenica, and their distinctive canyonscut perpendicular to the southern slopes of Velebit and the broader surrounding area. For a relatively small area has an abundance of geomorphological phenomena and forms, diverse wildlife, attractive landscapes and untouched nature. »more

Zavratnica Bay

Only 26 km from Ribarica is Zavratnica which is without doubt one of the most beautiful bays of the Croatian coast at Adriatic Sea. It is located about 20 minutes of easy walking trail that leads along the coast south of the ferry port (for the island of Rab) in Jablanac. »more

Nikola Tesla Memorial Center

Very popular destinations in Ličko-Senjska County is the place Smiljan which is the birthplace and memorial center of one of the greatest minds of our time, Nikola Tesla, and it is located only 40 km from Ribarica... »more

Pag - Novalja

At only 10 km in direction to town Senj there is a place Prizna from which every 30 minutes ferries navigate to the island of Pag and Novalja where you can have fun with the best nightlife on the Adriatic coast (ferry ride takes only 15 minutes). »more